Viaggio nel tempo in Romania

Viaggio attraverso le campagne della Romania, fra Transilvania e Maramures, in luoghi in cui il tempo sembra essersi fermato.

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Beauty and Glamour

The exhibition want to show the different points of view of nine italian photographers for the male and female beauty and glamour.

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Il rumore della neve

Con la neve tutto si trasforma: i colori, le luci, i suoni. Nella neve puoi sentire il silenzio.

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Street Photo – annual photo exhibition, 2nd edition

45 photographers and more of 180 images, in the photo exhibition in the historical city of Ferrara, from the 7th March to the 10th March 2019.

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The invisible islands

A short reportage from a small Country at the border of Europe. The Faroe Island, a small archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Norway and Iceland. Independent Country,…

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Scotland: inside or outside?

Scotland after the Brexit, inside or outside the UK and the UE.

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World Press Photo Exhibition a Ferrara

Mostra del World Press Photo Contest, con le immagini premiate e selezionate dal WPP nel 2017.

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Women and sport in Iran

Like the life is changing in Iran, starting by some little things.

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Looking at the unknown

A long jetty into the sea in a foggy winter day. Sky and Sea are just a thing. The jetty is like a long bridge linking me to an unknown world. The beach where I’m walking is…

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Poverty in the normality

Walk in the streets; take a bus; look for something in a street – market… and then: speak with the people.

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The day after the terrorist attack to the people of Paris, I am walking in my little town, in Italy…

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The flowers of Birkenau, photo essay by Andrea Giubelli

Visiting the nazi extermination camp of Birkenau, the first thing you notice is the large dimension. A huge area surrounded by netting. Auschwitz-Birkenau was the most important…

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Iran. Walking in the street

Walking in the streets of Isfahan, the ancient capital of Persia, and now the most religious city of Iran, it's very easy to see young women dressed with strict black chadors, but…

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