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Andrea Giubelli

I’m an italian amateur photographer. I have collaborated with Innovation Norway, Trimaran (France) and some images of my trips were published in several web magazines.

Ballarò, the noisy heart of Palermo

Ballarò is Palermo, and Palermo is Ballarò. I think that all the character and peculiarities of the Sicilian city is…


People of Istanbul

This is Istanbul at the eyes of the tourists… but in the "true life"? At this question can answer only…


Men of sea

There is not much time for rest; it's already late, it's nine o'clock in the morning. And the fisherman has…


The colorful island

The colorful island surprises with its colors and with its strong and uncontaminated nature. Its vast landscapes hide a small…


The city for bicycles

Ferrara is a small city in northern Italy, in the misty Po Valley. I don’t know who invented (and where)…

One Photo Story


For me, the bicycle is freedom. The freedom to move around the city between cars. The freedom not to let…

One Photo Story

The “Gift Girl”

Women are often (too much often) considered “objects” – nice objects – to show. Their body and their beauty, are…

One Photo Story

The Ballerina’s smile

The Ballerina moves harmoniously, lightly. Her body doesn't seem to feel gravity, it seems to bend beyond what it can.…

Ethical question

A flower cannot hide violence

Ferrara Italy In Italy, every year millions of mimosas are donated for women‘s Day and many beautiful words are said…

Photo Exhibition

Romania, viaggio nel cuore dell’Europa

Viaggio in Romania, fra Transilvania e Maramures; antiche tradizioni nel cuore dell'Europa.

Photo Exhibition

Iranians, ritratti di un grande Paese

Iran, ritratti di un grande Paese in bilico fra tradizioni e contraddizioni.

One Photo Story

La finestra

Un breve racconto di fantasia, in un periodo in cui il mondo "fuori" è visto come un luogo pericoloso e…


Nel “covo” dell’artista

Visita improvvisata nel laboratorio di un'artista.


Sono solo alberi?

Sto camminando in un bosco, sono qui da un po’ di tempo, forse un paio d’ore o forse più. Non…


Il maso, la tradizione che difende la montagna

Il maso in Alto Adige, sulle Alpi italiane al confine con l'Austria, fra tradizione, storia e tutela della montagna.


Viaggio nel tempo in Romania

Viaggio attraverso le campagne della Romania, fra Transilvania e Maramures, in luoghi in cui il tempo sembra essersi fermato.

Photo Exhibition

Beauty and Glamour

The exhibition want to show the different points of view of nine italian photographers for the male and female beauty…


Il rumore della neve

Con la neve tutto si trasforma: i colori, le luci, i suoni. Nella neve puoi sentire il silenzio.

Photo Exhibition

Street Photo – annual photo exhibition, 2nd edition

45 photographers and more of 180 images, in the photo exhibition in the historical city of Ferrara, from the 7th…


The invisible islands

A short reportage from a small Country at the border of Europe. The Faroe Island, a small archipelago in the…

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