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Thachom Poyil Rajeevan | r/e/c/y/c/l/i/n/g

by Thachom Poyil Rajeevan Beware them who come asking for old shoes. Wearing them one by one from the bigger to the smaller they will walk along the path you walked once, like crossing a lake stepping over lotus-leaves, turning into a gnome in each step. Memories, like water weeds won’t loop around their legs […]


Birgitta Jonsdottir | I walked the valley of shadow

I walked the valley of shadow / touched faces / of fear with eager hands / eagle heart / your words / tasted deliciously tender…


Thachom Poyil Rajeevan | A birthday poem

I am to be born today. / But, yesterday / My star turned into a black hole / My tree erished my bird, my animal / All died out…


Espen Rasmussen (La violencia)

Espen Rasmussen | La violencia

Three million people have been displaced by the violent conflict in Colombia. Yet after 40 years of civil war and with the second highest number of IDPs in the world after Sudan, the conflict hardly merits a mention in the international media.


Paolo Verzone (Peshawar. The darkness of light)

Paolo Verzone | Peshawar. The darkness of light

Mid way on the main road from Islamabad to Kabul, the contemporary Muslim city of Peshawar, which means “The Place at the Frontier,” remains in many ways a place on the edge, still buffeted by frenetic movement and ceaseless transition.



Teru Kuwayama | No Man’s Land

his project is an examination of a grey space at the center of the global map. In political terms it ranges from the Iranian-Afghan border to the Pakistan-India Line of Control. In geological terms, it surrounds the Hindu Kush mountain range, where it is met by the Karakoram, Himalayan, and Pamir mountains. These mountains have […]


Michel Lozano (Shipwrecks of the night)

Michel Lozano | Shipwrecks of the night

oping to find a better life in Europe, every year dozens of men, women and children die while tempting to cross the Strait of Gibraltar on board makeshift crafts, without anybody showing the slightest interest. Hardly twenty years ago, southern European countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece were exporting labor. The massive emigration was […]


Chris Mansell | The good soldier

on someone else’s place / it seems to him the land / slings distance way out / the dirt is dead and / the sky seems twisted / the beat of the stones is wrong…


Christophe Agou (Life Below)

Christophe Agou | Life Below

rom 1998 until 2000, the underground world of the New York City subway became a stage for chance rendezvous with commuters from all walks of life – ordinary and mysterious. The sense of enclosure below ground was sometimes oppressive, but I loved feeling the pulse beneath the city, letting my eye intuitively discover the reality […]


PRIVATE 40, p. 40-41, photo Anabell Guerrero, text Thachom Poyil Rajeevan

Anabell Guerrero | Delocalisation

single person and what they wear can be considered like a continent in two senses, the first private and the second historical. What a person’s physical presence contains for someone intimate with that person may be as large and extensive as a continent. The first continent for us all is Mother. Washing on the line […]


Antoine Agoudjian (Burning eyes)

Antoine Agoudjian | Burning eyes. Memory of Armenians

have been working on a photographic project dealing with memory since 1989. Every report leads me to places full of the history of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire where stories from my imagination took place. After the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, humanitarian help was for me the way to enter this symbolic piece of […]


Daniel Challe (The Circle. Photographic diaries)

Daniel Challe | The circle. Photographic diaries

My photographs are flying pages of a photographic revue written every day in concentric circles from the limits of my garden fence up to the boundaries of the cities where the journey leads me. I started the diary in 1983 with “le journal de campagne en Matheysine” a series later pursued by “Journal de Bretagne”.


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