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Daniel Challe | The circle. Photographic diaries

Daniel Challe (The Circle. Photographic diaries)
Daniel Challe (The Circle. Photographic diaries), PRIVATE 40.
[M]y photographs are flying pages of a photographic revue written every day in concentric circles from the limits of my garden fence up to the boundaries of the cities where the journey leads me. I started the diary in 1983 with “le journal de campagne en Matheysine” a series later pursued by “Journal de Bretagne”. I always have within reach my 3 machines: my Rolleiflex and its soft optics, my Leica and its sharp viewfinder, and my toy camera and its dreaming lens. I take photographs of the heartbeat of what is visible, places, loved ones, people met, flowers, trees, animals. Doing alternately coloured and black and white series allows me to play with all the modulations of the emotional mode of a picture. The inner world, the world of sensations and feelings is the only guaranty of taking a fresh look at the world. A look full of childhood’s treasures, time when everything, anything, would leave a whole range of lively impressions and emotions inside us. My journal is a film made with static pictures, a photographic novel which is infinite, with no ending which topic is the inner journey of life and the immense poetry being everywhere for everyone but so often forgotten, not revealed, repressed.



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