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Surreal squares

Slightly surreal atmospheres are the theme of this short collection of images of places or people, collected mainly in Rome, but not only, almost all of them during this year.

A year, like the two that preceded it, that is putting alarming warnings in front of our eyes, that is questioning certainties and solidities that were thought, in our part of the world, to be by now acquired and inalienable.

Now that the boundaries of things are blurring, that everything is blurring in uncertainty, the photographer’s eye can attempt to render this atmosphere, as has already been done in other, equally calamitous times, by highlighting the strangeness, the unreality of what it sees: by making it a metaphor.

Without overdoing it, however, just a few elliptical hints, a particular light, slightly dissonant juxtapositions, The void or disproportions: just a slight ironic sneer.

Small photographer in a surreal setting. Randazzo (CT), Piazza Municipio, August 13th 2022.
Lone rider. Rome, Ara Pacis, March 24th 2021.
Out of proportion. Rome, Via XX Settembre, September 9th 2022.
Crazy postcard. Rome, Via della Conciliazione, April 26th 2022.
Desolation. Rome, Borgo Pio, March 16th 2021.
Alien Trinity. Rome, Via della Cuccagna, September 17th 2022.
Walkway to Paradise. Piazza Armerina (EN), Piazza Cattedrale, August 20th 2022.
Dreamlike atmosphere. Randazzo (CT), Piazza Municipio, August 13th 2022.
Hussar on the roof. Rome, Piazza Risorgimento, September 29th 2022.
The party is over- Rome, Piazza Esedra, October 18th 2022.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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