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Road Trip: Freedom, Nostalgia, Adventure

Vistula Bank near Płock.


Road Trip is always an adventure, especially when you travel alone. Freedom and independence in a world full of multiple dependencies is great. Travel gives distance. Detachment from the problems that we build for ourselves from the surrounding reality. We become observers. We do not judge the changing images outside the window, but let us blend in with them. Colours, shapes, details, landscapes are now one with us. What a freedom it is. Freedom from yourself! Lonely trip touches a transcendence, the beautiful moments of contemplating life in its deepest form.

For the average woman, a road trip is a unique time to relax. Loaded with countless duties and responsibilities, she can take a route towards an exciting space of the unknown. Nobody else matters here. This beautiful selfishness, speed, the smell of gasoline, the wind in your hair bring a sense of agency and pure adrenaline.

Changing images from behind the window awake in everyone a lot of emotions. When the car stops for a moment, reflections, memories and nostalgia overcome the reality. This intimate experience allows to connect deeper with our inner-self and we can come back to the world with joy.

Bank of Vistula River near Płock, Central Poland, March 2020
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Monika K. Adler

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