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Fragments of Dream



Thirst in my eyes
Thirst in my soul
Yes, thirsty I’m…

The Spring is coming
with a lot of dreams
Can you see the colours?
Can you listen
the colour of my dreams?

Yes, thirsty I’m
Thirst in my soul…

The storm is on the way,
I’m ready for destruction
I don’t care about the end,
I’m loving this resurrection

Yes thirsty I’m
Thirst in my dreams….

Muse: Koyel Das
Photography: Subhajit Naskar

Thirst in Soul
I don’t care about the aftermath
I don’t care about the end
I only dreams for new beginnings
I love this resurrection
It’s the Fragments of my dreams…
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Subhajit Naskar

(1992), I’m a Kolkata Based Freelance Photographer and blogger. I love to capture every little emotion through my lens. The ever flowing stream of… More »

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