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Happy Women’s Day

As women, we too often are expected to be quiet or feminine. To be nice. Not to be boastful, proud, loud, or too assertive. Well, here’s what I want to say: be as boastful, proud, loud, or assertive as you want. Remember, feminine is what you define it as — not what society or the media tells you it is.

Beauty truly comes from within. When you love yourself, you are beautiful. When you are in your power, you are beautiful. When you love the body you are in – no matter what size or shape you have, you are beautiful.

Do not shy about your accomplishments, ask for what you want, do not set boundaries, and especially, just love yourself. It is time to step into all of your glory and take your role. Be who you are and what you have come here to do.

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Shilpa Sachdeva

I consider myself as life skills educator and storyteller who empower teachers, educators and change makers leverage storytelling. Using the power of stories, I help teachers accelerate their Diversity & Inclusion journey and build a culture of Innovation. I work with children in any form of creative arts and learning method, that gives me a scope to learn from them, while sharing my knowledge

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  1. Feeling good after reading this article.A woman has so many qualities,potential & abilities that cant be expressed in words.God has made her unique.
    Well written article by Shilpa Sachdeva. Keep it up.

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