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Bangles | The Hands that Paint them

Firozabad, India – November 2019. While I was conversing with this man about the work, he showed me his hands. His hands were loaded with wounds. Sometimes they need to tie strings over the injury as a gauze. The conditions were so risky. He cuts the glass spring into singular bangles with the assistance of a precious stone. These individuals don’t have any security measures, for eg, gloves, legitimate conditions, and so forth. I felt downright terrible for them as the authorities don’t give them legitimate emergency treatment.

Firozabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh, about 40km away from Agra and 255km from Delhi is home to numerous Jain temples yet for the most part, it is known as the glass making center which is the greatest mechanical group in this division. Acclaimed for a wide range of glasswork, in India as well as internationally, the Firozabad glass industry has a decent amount in the segment. This city is otherwise called “Suhaag Nagri” and is renowned for its glass handiwork and mouth-blown glasswork.

Chimneys crying dark smoke from broken down glass plants give little indication of mechanical modernization as the customary strategies for glass-production are still to a great extent pervasive. Bangle-production is a family business with customary methods being gone on through ages. Firozabad has been delivering glass bangles for over 200 years now and is the greatest maker of glass bangles on the planet. The bangle advertises in the town’s Gali Bohran has lines of brilliant shops selling sparkling, flawlessly hand-created glass bangles. But youngster work and labor misuse is a dismal reality as the vast majority of the production lines are casually run by families or people.

A specialist in a glass plant starts his day at 4 am and closes at 7 pm. They are paid around 250-350 Indian rupees for a day of hard work. The blend of synthetic compounds, warmth, and glass utilized in this industry is a significant wellbeing peril for the laborers who experience the ill effects of different clinical issues. They, for the most part, experience the ill effects of tuberculosis or other lethal contaminations of the lungs and chest. Skin consumes, sensitivities, and a decrease in vision is additionally regular in these laborers.

The principle idea for driving this subject is to cover the life of those dedicated workers who are buckling down and hazard their lives each day just to acquire 200-300 rupees for every day. I need to make mindfulness among the individuals about this dangerous work, they do each day to acquire their living. As I am focusing on individuals over 18 years old and the Indians with the goal that they will get mindful of it and make significant strides because of which they can conquer the issues those laborers face while working in those unsafe productions lines.

Firozabad, India – November 2019. I generally wander and investigate the area looking for a subject, and unexpectedly I saw these women working there. The message I needed to pass on with this photo is that the Indian culture obviously noticeable in these working women, as they have been working there with their head secured by “dupatta” while working moreover. There work isn’t simple yet at the same time they figure out how to follow the way of life also. In addition, they were sitting in a way that shows layers in the image so I caught this second.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. I saw these extremely excellent rays of the sun coming into the manufacturing plant from the top. So I thought of taking it out of sight of my frame. I began looking for a relatable subject. I saw these two individuals working with a grin all over in these unsafe conditions. The message I needed to pass on is the inspiration from the raise of the sun to the grin of the kid. The grin on the kid’s face shows that. So I went after the occasion.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. This was one of the riskiest part of the procedure. They utilize an iron pole to take out the pot, as clearly the pot used to be so hot. In any case, removing this pot from the heater is a major undertaking and requires a parcel of vitality. Another issue is the temperature of the heater which ordinarily is around 1600 degrees celsius, and it is unreasonably hot for people. It is extremely difficult to try and remain in the industrial facility compound. With the goal that’s the reason, I snapped this picture indicating the difficult work that these individuals do to procure their living.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. It was the most troublesome part of the procedure as they need to drag another pot to the heater. I was remaining a good way off of 30 to 35 feet from the heater and still, I scarcely remained there due to a lot of warmth of the heater. I was having restricted options of the frame which I conclude this one and I caught it. I needed to show the hazard they take upon their life.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. I needed to show how hot the plant is from inside due to the 1600 degree bubbling heater. I was in search for the subject with heater out of sight. After such a large number of long stretches of search, I saw this kid drinking water. These workers savor water like clockwork while working as a result of the warmth. So I figured this edge will be ideal to feature my thought subsequently I clicked it.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. I needed to catch the brilliant light of the sun falling on the workers while working. Furthermore, when I arrived at the plant I saw this man and the light falling on him, it looks wonderful, so I made this effort. They need to have a major cooler fan behind them else they may get a stroke due to the warmth.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. There was tremendous number of workers working there, I wanted to know how they use to go to the manufacturing plant every day. So I went to the stopping region of the industrial facility which is corresponding to the processing plant, I saw an enormous number of cycles stopped over yonder. So I needed to show the methods for transportation they use to go to the production line and path back to their home. So I surrounded this man in the middle of the two cycles and clicked his portrait. It shows that their methods for transportation is cycle.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. I needed to show how less time their laborers have as in some cases they need to eat their tidbits and drink tea while working. I preferred the bangles offering organization to the teacup. I likewise preferred the mix of the features and the shadows, along these lines and I clicked this picture.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. I needed to catch the ecological representations of individuals demonstrating the battle and the hustle inside the production line. This picture was a real life shot. This man was occupied with accomplishing his work and I just remained before him and hung tight for him to have an eye to eye connection with my camera, and caught the shot.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. It was a mid-day break going on in the manufacturing plant, and I was meandering around over yonder looking for a decent shot. So all of abrupt I ran over with these women who were having their lunch sitting over the tremendous heaps of broken glass. The conditions were extremely dangerous. They don’t have an appropriate spot where the can have their suppers. It is extremely perilous of having food sitting on the wrecked glasses which may can hurt them or they could accidentally eat it even. So I figured, individuals ought to know about it also, hence I snapped this picture.
Firozabad, India – November 2019. I had a picture in my brain at that time. The picture is about the fare of the last result of the manufacturing plant. I was at the principal passage/exit of the manufacturing plant, looking for the casing, so I got this second before me. This is a standard procedure of the processing plant since morning till night. I was there only for the ideal second to catch. I need everything to be lit appropriately and the profundity of layers in the photo with the least mess. This photo shows the customary procedure of the plant so I snapped this picture.

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    1. Good work. Photography with a story highlighting a social aspect is the best part.Keep it up.

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