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Disgraced by the Sleep of Time

We are burning in this chaos,
burning, burning, burning.
Through the fall and the winter,
in our thoughts, we burn.

A memory that never was is now
the essence of the past.
We are burning in this chaos,
burning, burning, burning.

Disgraced by the sleep of time.
Sunken into the void of nothingness.
Unaware of our predicament,
In our thoughts, we burn.

Crossed by the lines we draw.
We once had it all, now all is gone.
We are burning naked in the flames
of the sun.

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Daniel Rodriguez

Dan Rodriguez is a very passionate London based multimedia artist. He was born in December 1982 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Dan started freelancing as Graphic Designer after obtaining a BA in Film and Media from the University of London.

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