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Worship Covered Fire

Worship Covered Fire

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. Little children watch Chinese New Year shows

Every year I always capture the Chinese New Year event but this year is different and quite makes me sad. Chinese New Year always colored with happiness, especially children and I always take pictures of it.

But that day a few minutes after the lion (Barongsai) dance, I saw black smoke in the clouds. A chinese pray temple not far from where I was photographing had been burned, then me and my friend went to that place.

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. Tradition of giving money to children

Arriving there I was shock because the big fire was clearly visible in front of my eyes. Some people who are worshiping in it come out in panic, because this fire happened so fast when people were doing worship.

I saw several people busy capturing fires, some just watching, some helping. Several fire trucks arrived and immediately extinguished the fire. I to ask people there how it started and they said the fire emerged from the candle warehouse behind.

What makes me sad is why the fire happened when they celebrating their big day and their worship. And they still look strong even though I know they are shocked and sad.

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. First time the smoke of fire in the clouds

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. Smoke appear from behind the temple

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. Some people watch the fire

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. When the fire enlarges

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. Some people want to take a closer look

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. Visible officers secure the place

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. The firefighter was injured

Bandung, Indonesia-February 2019. The condition of the inner temple after burning


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Vina Fatma Sari

[b. 1992] I'm just a women who loves to learn to take pictures on the street.

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