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When suicide becomes a crime

 Photo Book, When suicide becomes a crime, by Patricia Esteve
Info > Year of publication: 2019 | Pages: 100 | Size: 19×25,5 cm | ISBN: 978-84-09-08324-4 | Volume Price: 20,00€  |  Book’s webpage
Publisher: Self Publish
ELVI´S PULLOVER After Jane´s husband’s suicide she kept only a few of his clothes. The green pullover was a present she gave to him.

This is an approach to suicide in Kenya through a group of images based on true and deep stories from different points of the country.

Msingizi He has several suicidal thoughts due to depression. Although he has never tried to kill himself, he admits that he feels attraction to the idea of suicide and being dead. Nairobi, 2016
I miss him “A” standing just in the place where her son hanged himself from a tree. He died and she decided to cut the tree down to forget. But every time she walks near the place, she remembers one of the saddest days of her life. Machakos, 2015

Starting from the actual experiences of people who tried to die by suicide, or who lost a loved one due to suicide, Patricia Esteve has created photos which lead us to an emotional level of understanding, and help us to put ourselves in the place of the other, leaving any possible prejudice behind us.

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Patricia Esteve

Documentary photographer.

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