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Alun – Alun & Its Adversity

Bandung, Indonesia – January 2018. Enjoying a moment of his life literally all alone.
Alun – Alun & Its Adversity
by Muhammad Rachmanda Enriko

The reason why the world treats us poorly is due to the fact that the world itself needs to be equalized and re-arranged. None of us will suffer entirely, and vice versa.

I am going to document the sufferings of the people living in a so called ‘most visited city in Indonesia’. In fact, I am hoping that you could feel the sense of irony from these photos.

Bandung, Indonesia – January 2018. The joy she felt of her surrounding.
Bandung, Indonesia – Januray 2018. Introvert.
Bandung, Indonesia – February 2018. A deep discussion.
Bandung, Indonesia – Januray 2018. A back of person tells enough story.
Bandung, Indonesia – February 2018. Let this be over.
Bandung, Indonesia – February 2018. The real adversity.
Bandung, Indonesia – February 2018. In conclusion.

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Muhammad Rachmanda Enriko

A street photographer by chance. I wonder most without direction. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia

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