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Reimagining the Landscape

A New Landscape For Ellen.

Reimagining the Landscape
by michael jantzen

Reimagining The Landscape is a series of photomontages that are partially made from images of some of my sculptures and architectural models. Those images were taken with a digital camera. They were placed into my computer where they were isolated from their original backgrounds.

The images of those objects were then manipulated in various ways with the computer, and placed into various real world landscapes. In most cases, the manipulation of the objects developed around the idea of creating new things that symbolically referred to elements that would normally be in a real landscape such as, mountains, hills, trees, etc.

These new elements are used to create fanciful, surreal placed that have never been seen before. In some cases people and/or animals have also been added juxtaposed to the new elements and the normal landscapes.

My hope is that the viewers of these reimagined landscapes will want to make up their own stories about how and why they came to be. As a photo artist I have no desire to simply record the real world as it is. I want to alter the real world in ways that create new worlds that inspire the viewers to embrace alternative thinking about everything in their lives. This I believe is or should be the primary function of art.

Claire’s New World.
At The End Of The Road.
The Cloud.
The Enchanted Forrest.
Roadside Distraction.
Gathering Clouds.
Curious Encounter.
Magic Mountain.
The Red Mountains.
Bull Mountains.

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Michael Jantzen

My work is very well known around the world. It has been featured in thousands of articles in books, magazines, newspapers, and on the Web. My work has been shown in many galleries, and on various TV documentaries. It has also been exhibited at the National Building Museum, the Canadian Center for Architecture, the Harvard School of Design and Architecture, the Santa Fe Institute, and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Most of my work merges art, architecture, technology, and sustainable design into one unique experience. Extreme innovation is my goal in everything I create. Most of this innovation has been focused on the re-invention of the built environment, sculpture, and photography.

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