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Photo Exhibition


Watermark, vinyl text over mirror, 2013 © Geraldine Juárez

Photo exhibition: SITUATIONS/Placeholder
Venue: Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland
from 30-04-2017, TUE – SUN: 11 – 18 hrs, WED: 11 – 20 hrs, MON: closed
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The current cluster (SITUATIONS #68 to #79) looks at photography as a placeholder. Rather than standing for an ‘objective reality’, photographs are objects of information and exchange, entangled in circulatory processes, cultural semantics and social structures that determine their understanding. From sets of stereotypes used in advertising and stock photography to placeholder images in photo manipulation software or text-based environments, the cluster highlights strategies of repetition, abstraction and reduction that push photography to its utmost boundaries.

Submitted by Melinda Por

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