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Photo Exhibition

The Lives of Others by Meg McKenzie Ryan

Introducing ‘Insights into Humanity’ by Meg McKenzie Ryan, presented exclusively on All About Photo’s digital gallery.

As part of our curated online exhibition, ‘Insights into Humanity’ will be showcased throughout March 2024, featuring a selection of twenty captivating photographs from the series.

Insights into Humanity

Crafting a circular image can evoke various responses from viewers, often unfamiliar with such a format. Allow us to shed light on the creative process behind this unique visual approach.

While some photographers, like the renowned Richard Avedon, meticulously capture individuals with precision, Meg McKenzie Ryan embarks on a distinct artistic journey.

Employing an 8″ x 10″ format field camera, Meg diverges from conventional practices by utilizing a 4″ x 5″ lens. This deliberate choice results in circular, wide-angle compositions, offering a fresh perspective on her subjects.

Motivated by a desire to comprehend cultural intricacies, Meg believes in the profound influence of surroundings on individuals. From subtle cues like a misplaced roll of toilet paper to the vibrant dynamics of a bustling scene, every detail speaks volumes about the community’s essence.

Venturing into the impoverished neighborhoods of Mexicali, Mexico, Meg captures poignant glimpses of resilience amidst adversity. Against the backdrop of scorching summers and seismic uncertainties, her lens uncovers stories of strength and perseverance.

Approaching her subjects with humility and respect, Meg’s limited command of the Spanish language fosters authentic connections, allowing individuals to participate actively in the photographic narrative. Each image brims with authenticity, from tender moments shared between fathers and sons to the endearing companionship of a cherished pet.

In ‘Insights into Humanity,’ every element, from the edges of the frame to the subtlest details, contributes to a rich tapestry of human experience. As viewers immerse themselves in these evocative compositions, they are encouraged to embrace the profound narratives that unfold before them.

Through nuanced observation and contemplation, we invite viewers to embark on a transformative visual journey, discovering the depth and meaning embedded within each photograph.

© Meg McKenzie Ryan
© Meg McKenzie Ryan
© Meg McKenzie Ryan
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