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A Journey from Fear to Unconditional Love

For a long time, there was a shadow of fear of motherhood in my mind. I unintentionally held the belief that a child would become a burden to me. At the same time, I remained an eternal child myself, devoid of inner freedom.

In 2019, my daughter Taja was born, coinciding with other revolutionary changes: moving to a new country and the global pandemic. Finding myself in social isolation, I lost a part of myself. I no longer had any life goals or subjects to photograph, except for my little Taja and the unconditional love for her.

Gradually, as my daughter grew up, I began to rediscover everything around me through a child’s eyes. Taja allowed me to slow down, gave me time to think about what I truly want. It’s like being born again: I’m a child again, immortal again, I’m learning to be myself.

Self-portrait in a half-empty apartment during a pandemic after moving, new home, Switzerland – 2021
Splash of paint on a bush, new home, Switzerland – 2022
Daughter’s curls, new home, Switzerland – 2022
Bare tree on the river bank in the rays of the spring sun, new home, Switzerland – 2023
Self-portrait, new home, Switzerland – 2022
Self-portrait with daughter, new home, Switzerland – 2021
Glowing balloons take off into the night sky, hometown, Russia – 2019
Portrait of daughter with an apple, new home, Switzerland – 2023
Dive, portrait of daughter, new home, Switzerland – 2023
Dive, portrait of daughter, new home, Switzerland – 2023
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Irina Vovk

Irina Vovk is a photographer and visual artist based in Zurich, was born in Russia in 1991. Irina’s artistic practice delves into personal narratives,… More »


  1. I am woman-photographer from Riga, Latvia. This project is very sensual and gentle. Responded deeply in my heart, I raised three children myself and the topic of motherhood is very sensitive, delicate and understandable for me.

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