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Minors of Human – A photography exhibition by Anik Rahman

16 Hours remaining! Installation is going on for Minors of Human – A photography exhibition by Anik Rahman.

Photo exhibition: Minors of Human – A photography exhibition by Anik Rahman
Venue: MIB Spirit Studio, House 50, Road 10/A , Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
from 05-01-2017 to 14-01-2017, 05 January – 4pm to 8pm
06 to 14 January – 12pm to 8pm
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Experience the journey of Anik Rahman, as he walks through life and immerses himself into humanitarian stories both inside and outside the borders of Bangladesh through his solo exhibition, “Minors of Human” at Winter Meet Up by MIB from the 5th to the 14th of January, 2016. “Minors of Human” is a reflection of the numerous encounters Anik Rahman has had within his photographic journey with individuals who are directly expressed minorities or implied as minorities if not in various lands, communities and circumstances.

Anik Rahman is a self-taught Bangladeshi Documentary Photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is coming to the event with a solo photography exhibition, named Minors of Human – A photography exhibition by Anik Rahman.

Being son of a freedom fighter and journalist, he was introduced with the consequences of war and politics on the mass people in his childhood. Though, photography was never ever his lifelong dream career. He failed in cricket and music. But he never stopped reading and watching humanitarian stories. Later, at 2012 he decided to document the humanitarian stories around him.

IMG_2667-3-0111Till now he has worked on Political Violence of Bangladesh, Ferry Capsizing, Industrial Pollution, Climate Change, River, Nepal Earthquake, Black Lives Matter, Water Logging, Saotal Community, Rohingya Community and so on.

He has worked for many news agencies, magazines and NGO’s such as Agence France-Presse, Nur Photo Agency, Zuma Press, Redux Pictures, Vice News, SOS (Nepal & Belgium), Izel, HIS, VSO, Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation and Asha. His works have been published in Times, Wall Street Journal, The Gurdian, The Sunday Times, Vice News, Wired, National Geographic Magazine, Dodho Magazine, Art Photo Feature, Private Magazine, Documentary Photo Review, The Quiet American, France TV and The Daily Star. His works have been exhibited in Bangladesh, India, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Serbia, Bulgaria, UK and USA.


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