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The END Room

The END Room 01

The END Room, photo essay by Tomi Saputra

When i was entering the graveyard area, i did feel not only a sinister, but there are also pain and loneliness. bible from several different religions maze the fate of human after death, whether it was true, the spirit go straight to heaven, or wait for the judgement day inside the grave. no one knows for sure with this answer, but obviously when the body is no longer inhabited by the spirit, that body is no longer able to do anything anymore, or well-known with dead. wherever the spirit goes after left the human body is still the big question, not reffering to the bible and judging from religion faith.

If spirit still living around the body, imagine, you just sit in a tight room, live in the darkness, alone with nobody surrounding. all the earthly things, all you have done in the world before are no longer useful. how good your grave is, how luxurious it is, is nothing when no one visiting. finally, if the body no longer lived by the spirit, there are nothing left except the good deeds that you’ve done since you alive. and slowly you will live with the dark, become memories for those who still remember you. in the end, there is question, Is your name only written in a headstone?

(by Tomi Saputra)

The END Room 02

The END Room 03

The END Room 04

The END Room 05

The END Room 06

The END Room 07

The END Room 08

The END Room 09

The END Room 10

The END Room 11

The END Room 12


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Tomi Saputra

Tomi Saputra, born in Lintau, West Sumatera Province in 1 January 1990, at his childhood very interested in literature, when attended senior high school… More »

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