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Unknown “Diwali”

Unknown “Diwali”, photo essay by Arunima Mondal

[I]ndia is a land of great diversity, not only with climate, languages, food, and culture also in festivals. It says, the country has more festivals than there are days in a year. With little lamp, candle, color and sweets, Diwali is the most colorful, sacred and loveliest festival in India. Bangalore, popularly known as “Silicon Valley” of India, most of the people is migrants. So I found every home celebrate Diwali with their own style. They wear different dresses, offer different foods to the guest according to their culture, though they use a very common language English which is also not India’s own language they feel same excitement in Diwali. Through these series picture, I try to tell a story about migrant life of Banglaore.

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