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If you are like me

If you are like me

If you are like me,

You go tango dancing
Rather than watch the Anal Super Bowel

If you are like me,

You have a wild garden
Instead of a manicured lawn

If you are like me,

You shop in family stores
Not in cages that sell everything but harmony

If you are like me,

You like to explore ethnic weird neighborhoods
And escape synthetic suburbs

If you are like me,

You choose your path at your own pace,
Lonely but amazed.

I’m not for sale

Surrounded by perfumes, cloths and shoppers,
In the middle of a mall, exhibiting a deodorant,
I feel as another piece of merchandise

Window shoppers pass, discreetly looking at me,
No, I’m not what they want
Too old, already outmoded, very plump

Unlike the merchandise, I care about their opinion.
I’m not for sale but my ego, while
Old and battered, is still vulnerable

Thousands of women and men pass but few give me a second look
My deteriorated self-esteem takes a new blow.
I don’t care, I’m not for sale, I’m hardened, callous and tough.

But maybe if tomorrow I throw a promotion…

We are borne sick

From the moment we are conceived
We catch the illness that would kill us.
There is not scape,
Not for kings, not for wise men
Not for anybody.

Even our planet will be extinct
Sonner or later,
As well as the solar system and our galaxy
But not the universe, not the time.
And we will be here one way or another.

Just a human
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Carlos Ponce Melendez

Carlos Ponce-Meléndez poems have appeared in The Dreamcatcher, The Poet, Voices Along the River, Desahogate, Small Brushes, The Texas Observer, El Angel, Celebrate, several… More »

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