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Letizia Battaglia “Fotografie”

© Letizia Battaglia. Palermo,1992, Rosaria Schifani

Photo exhibition: Letizia Battaglia “Fotografie”
Venue details: Palau 07020, Sardinia, Italy Map It
Official Website: www.isolecheparlano.it
Event date: from 10-09-2015 to 30-09-2015
Opening hours: From 10.00 a.m till 12.30 am
From 18.00 till 19.30

A good picture is not technique. I took pictures as I am, messy, a bit adventurous… There’s no need of great technique, we need big heart…Banality can defeat you…
(Letizia Battaglia)

For the photographic section of the Festival arrives in Palau the greatest contemporary Italian photographer, Letizia Battaglia. Battaglia’s exhibiton concludes the cycle — started in 2013 with Mario Dondero, followed in 2014 by Romano Galioni – devoted to the biggest Italian photojournalists born in the thirties of the past century. The reporter from Palermo, atypical in her formation, started photographing when she was 39; since then she has devoted her life to the fight for freedom against the mafia, portraying, from 1974 to 1992, places and victims of homicides, also expressing the everyday in Sicily in the eighties and the nineties, images of the social fabric which survives the mafia grip, gazes of women and girls.

Her professional life has been rewarded innumerable and important prizes: she has been the first European woman to gain the Eugene Smith in 1985 in New York; in June 1999, she was awarded the Mother Johnson Achievement for Life; in 2007, she gained the prize Dr Erich Solomon and finally, in 2009, the Cornell Capa Infinity Award.

She has had shows in Italy, Eastern Countries, Great Britain, America, France, Brazil, Switerland, Canada, but considerably less in Palermo, the town where she still lives today.

The exhibition ‘Photographies’ — which consists of almost 40 ‘historical’ clicks narrating the everyday and the violence in Palermo between the seventies and the nineties of 1900, printed in various formats (from 30×60 cm to 35×45 cm) — will inaugurate on Thursday 10 September, at the Centro di Documentation of Palau Territory, at 9.30 pm. To follow, Litizia Battaglia will be the protagonist of the meeting ‘Reflections on the ethics of a craft’, the occasion when she will tell the audience of her experience of militancy during the Mafia war in Palermo, and her long season of photography.

The exhibition, realised in collaboration with Ogros Association, will remain open until the 30th of September.

Submitted by  Mauro Barbato

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Mauro Barbato

Press Office 'Isole che Parlano'.

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