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Photo Exhibition

Fausto Giaccone “Sardegna e altri continenti (1967-1977)”

 Photo exhibitionSardegna e altri continenti (1967-1977), di Fausto Giaccone, Festival Isole che Parlano XXIII edition
Isole che Parlano
  Event date from 05/09/2019 to 30/09/2019.  Opening hours From Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 am – 12.00 am 5.00 pm – 08.00 pm

There is a red line between this more ethnographic things I did  and different thing I did outside Sardinia: the strong bond with the earth, with a system of values that has its roots in tradition in the same moment which it opens up to comparison, often dramatic, between  the logic of economic development to produce changes but, also, uprooting and injustice.

Fausto Giaccone
@Fausto Giaccone – Roma 1969, corteo del 1° Maggio nelle strade del quartiere San Lorenzo

The international festival Isole che Parlano has always devoted particular attention to photographic language and also this XXIII edition, which will take place from 2 th  to 8 th  September in Palau (Sardinia) – will host an important exhibition dedicated to reportage photography and this year will host one of the most important Italian photographer, Fausto Giaccone.

The exhibition entitled Sardegna e altri continenti (1967-1977)  edited by Fausto Giaccone and Nanni Angeli, realized in collaboration with Ogros Fotografi Associati, will be inaugurated on Thursday 05th September at the Centro di Documentazione del Territorio of Palau and will be open until September 30th .

The exhibition will propose a selection of photographs, about seventy in black and white, taken in Italy and abroad and printed from negative and digital in different sizes.

In addiction to presenting some unpublished shots, the exhibition is articulated in an original path that shows the most important work of the author’s first ten years of activity; years of passion closely linked to the chronicle of that period.

@Fausto Giaccone – Sardegna 1969, operaia della SIR di Porto Torres

The exhibition in Palau is spread over two  different thematic group, as the title suggests, and it is enriched by another body of nine works taken from  “Macondo, il mondo di Gabriel García Márquez”, realized in 2010.

Ten years told through an orderly photography reportage, sometimes ironic, but always with the human being at the center of project.

Sardegna: in the works carried out in Sardinia, Giaccone documents specific aspects of the island linked to what is happening at the same time all over the World. What emerges is an island in transition, in which customs and traditions are still present but they are intertwined with elements of strong changes typical of that era.

@Fausto Giaccone – Sardegna 1975, Barbagia, giornata di tosatura

Altri continenti: this kind of changes are the common thread that connects Sardinia to the rest of the continents. The Exhibition is the story of a turbulent and revolutionary decade in Italy and abroad.

During exhibition inauguration, Fausto Giaccone will be the main host of the meeting “Reflections on the ethics of a craft” and he will talk to the audience about his important work.

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