“AT 36000 FEET”

“AT 36000 FEET” a desert landscape, photo essay by Monia Lippi

“At 36000 Feet” is an ongoing project of aerial photographs of the US Southwest desert landscape. Images of ancient geological formations and modern human traces, where abstract beauty of immense spaces, crossed by salty valleys, lines and points, and the presence of new high-technology forms, seem part of a futuristic place in a contrasting, mysterious time.

Q&A with Monia Lippi

Photography is…
…metaphysically one of the most interesting instrument created to freeze the Light, so also Time and Space. Revealing with images how all is related under the Light and Darkness. The Art of Photography expresses in less of a second “The Art of Seeing”.

Photography and writing…
…are complementary. I remember, the first book I bought, “Once” of Wim Wenders, when I started to photograph and know photography. I loved his book, his way to tell stories with images and words.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I had many “Masters”, but who moved me, for sure, something important in – The Art of Seeing – in different levels, it’s been the film “So Far, So Close” of Wim Wenders.
(Two funny coincidences, now, that I’m thinking about!!)
After many years, I had the occasion to meet him, but never to say how I’m grateful for all his books and films.
Then, the photographer Roberto Salbitani, with 3 years fellowship, learning B/W photography and printing, in Tuscany, Italy.

Tell us a little about yourself
Photography is my Best Friend.

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