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Prasenjit Dey

(1973) – The instrument for capturing light was an interesting object in childhood. Youth made me a lover of photography and things took shape when I got myself enrolled into a basic photography course…interest made it prolong into diploma and then into serious exhibiting… Film to censor… darkroom into light room… the more I was rolling the more I was tangled to the love for light and creativity… Photography has been a tool to my imagination and of documentation of the filleting moments of life.

Hilsa : A Bengali’s love affair

The hilsa lives in the sea and swims upstream to spawn, is beloved for the rich flavour and texture of…


Men of flame and smoke

With little or no personal safety gears these workers under all odds building kilometres of asphalt road. Roads through which…

Photo Essays

Mango Republic!

The story of the mango bazar in Kolkata.

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