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Hilsa : A Bengali’s love affair



Hilsa or “Ilish” is not just a fish to a Bengali, it’s a love affair… An affair that carries tall tales and culinary culture in this Asiatic part of the world.

The hilsa is pure silvery bliss to a fish crazy bong.

To all those who have never been touched by the magic of this fish, it remains just that, a fish but to any true-blue Bengali it’s a monsoon romance….yes monsoon is the time when you should shell out that few thousand rupees in the local market. When rain clouds gather over the Ganges , it’s a time to celebrate: it marks the season to eat the silver delight.

Hilsa appears on the Bengali table in many different semblances. Such goes the enthusiasm that the hilsa is celebrated in bengal’s fine arts, literature, songs and even on the celluloid screen .


True Love of the Fish-Crazy Bengalis.
Hilsa at a local fish market.
A wet market is a photographer’s delight.
“Boteen”, the sharp edges of the traditional fish cutter.
Despite its widespread popularity, fresh hilsa comes at a high price due to its naturally oily texture and its rich, tender flesh.
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Prasenjit Dey

(1973) – The instrument for capturing light was an interesting object in childhood. Youth made me a lover of photography and things took shape when I got myself enrolled into a basic photography course…interest made it prolong into diploma and then into serious exhibiting… Film to censor… darkroom into light room… the more I was rolling the more I was tangled to the love for light and creativity… Photography has been a tool to my imagination and of documentation of the filleting moments of life.

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