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John-David Samblanet

David Samblanet is an artist-researcher who uses various media such as photography, video, and sound to capture and preserve the impressions of time, while recreating his own memories by blending real and fictional events. He explores identity, portraiture, and the phenomenology of appearance through visual research projects that also include the study of traces left by history, time, and being.

Decoding – Where there are …

Where there are people they say, there are things. Samuel BECKET Someone I know wanted to part with items she…


Claude Gelée, known as “Le Lorrain”, the glass mirror

The crystallization gave the glass a metallic appearance, transforming it into an old mirror fragmented by time, shimmering in the…


The razor blades

Are we always aware of the sharp aspects of our existence? Or have we adapted to the protruding angles that,…


The «  Danube Voyager »

I have chosen the theme of intimacy once again. This series blends two stories: a real current event, the sinking…


Life is not what one has lived

I chose the theme of intimacy because it represents my willingness to share my own story. By addressing this topic,…

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