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A newfound harmony

The world, for each and every one of us, is first and foremost that which surrounds us, which is closest to us and which we know better, but sometimes the certainties of this world can change suddenly, without our will being able to do anything.

On October 9, 1963, the tragedy of the Vajont took place, people and villages swept away by the giant wave of water raised by the dam.

Among them the village of Casso, at the beginning of the Cellina Valley, built on the cliffs overhanging the dam itself. The country, half destroyed, is evacuated and abandoned.

Painful relocations, griefs without reason to process, indelible memories that never stop to torment the survivors.

And then, slowly, in the following years, the first returns to a semi-ruined country, a recall irresistible to a hard life, sweetened by love for one’s roots.

Slowly rebuilt houses and a little more than a dozen or so residents who, during the summer period add emigrants going back to their roots.

A daily life made up of authentic stories typical of these places, tenacity, fatigue, a slowness of other times, all with the awareness of having found their life and joy anyway to have returned to where it all began for them, a place only momentarily erased by human madness.

At the entrance to the village, the monument commemorating the Vajont tragedy.
Casso is a characteristic and singular village, consisting of buildings made entirely of stone, developed on different levels in height to save fertile soil
Alley of the village with one of the rare residents
A survivor is moved by the memory of the Vajont tragedy

The small bar K2 is located at the entrance of the village and is the landmark of the few residents and visitors

Mrs. Luigina, the owner of the bar and a child at the time of the disaster, tells the story of the images from a book dedicated to tragedy
A village street
One of many abandoned houses
With the summer, some natives return to spend days in the places of childhood
A resident
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