Suffering, Brickz

Suffering, Brickz
This girl with bold nail polish on her nails has a manly ambition, she moves heavy bricks with her little hands.

Near the city of Isfahan, there are many brick baking workshops. Most of the workers are Afghan immigrants and they do the tasks as family.

Children whom their age is below the legal age to work also involve in the business. Heavy work can cause serious physical damages to the child. These children are supposed to go to school and educate happily and play childishly, however they are growing up sooner than you think.

With the least security equipment, the children are moving bricks.
He was resting, a grand man in body of a child, he had a deep glance full of unspoken words
His hands were older and more tired of his childish age
The younger sister was playing near her worker sister, they had beautiful eyes.
I have nothing to say, the picture talks for itself.
End of work and a rough working day, carrying over a 1000 bricks for wage of about 1 $
He has finished work. He changed his working clothes, and put on his own.
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