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The Truth. A reflection on life in quarantine in London

The Truth, 2020-2021


United Kingdom.

The photography series ‘The Truth’ is a reflection on life in quarantine and subtle encounters with death during the COVID-19 pandemic. In many religions, the truth comes from dismemberment: the stripping of ego from identity which leads us to understand of what is important in life. The pandemic cut through many of our existing ideas of what we value, and how we think about ourselves; who we are, and who we are becoming.

We live through sudden, gut-wrenching changes, and a sense of foreboding invades familiar places. Face to face with ourselves; who have we become in our secluded apartments? Our society atomised, living together but apart.

Monika K. Adler, The Truth, London, 2020-21

The emptiness of isolation becomes a mirror for the entire world. The reality, dream and fiction are mingling. We connect to the collective unconscious, our ancestral wisdom. Somewhere deep in our psyche we become whole. There is a hidden truth about all of us. The truth encoded in images and feelings: religious symbols, archetypes. Beyond time, we travel to realms of illusion and consciousness. We share dreams, nightmares, and The United States of Love.

This photo essay represents my diary of my Covid-19 journey into self. A progressive, timeless dream that intertwines with others in the dance of life and death.

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Monika K. Adler

Monika K. Adler is photographer and film director known for her challenging and provocative photography and experimental films. Her works have shown in hundreds… More »

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