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Penelope’s last journey



Penelope’s last journey. We spent 11 years together, since I came to get you even though I was looking for a Labrador. I saw you, they couldn’t get you to show you to me. you were born a bit spoiled, like me. and we chose immediately, without a doubt. in the complexity of life and choices, I have always come back to you to get you. we have changed travel companions, homes, situations. We have lived travels together, holidays, you have never been alone. The doctors then, the operations, you have lost your sight but you have never lost your heart. even for your last trip, we had to do it together. there will be no one like you. I will always carry you with me, in the urn that tomorrow will contain your ashes. see you later, piece of my heart.

The photographic project tells the story of the last day spent together, since I went to pick her up from the vet along the road that took us to the crematorium. I left her in the van that would take her to the place where she would become ashes. death in the heart, the sense of emptiness that is created inside and with which one can only learn to live with.

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Lorenzo Cerbone

I like to tell stories. Mine too. I always ask myself, taking a photo, what my vision of the world is, and what I… More »


    1. thank you for your appreciation Ann, I think we have a responsibility to give ourselves in photography and to open our hearts to good, and sometimes, even to feel bad. Huggs

    1. Grazie Matteo, sai cosa si prova ma dovevo a Penelope e a me stesso un ultimo ricordo. Straziante ma che fa parte delle nostre vite

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