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How people look at art today



In the famous museum, at the large art festival or in the small gallery today most of the people being in front of the art objects make three things – taking out mobile phone to shoot the painting, sculpture, or installation as itself, making selfie on the background or posing with friends near the art object.

Even though numerous literatures of how to understand the modern art, how to visit a gallery have recently appeared, according to scientists’ research, a viewer spends only from 15 to 30 seconds near one piece of art. And an Instagram era that we live in today confirms the modification in psychological perception and leads to have a habit of seeing information rapidly changing on the monitor. Also, it erases the borders between museum space and its image on the smartphone screen, between electronic copy and the original piece of art.

At the modern art exibition, Moscow, Russia

The development of the electronic media makes the modern art rapidly and public available for a large audience. The electronic media become one of the major channels of audience attraction. Galleries actively use digital and marketing communications for self-promotion, increasing the level of recognition and awareness. Digital environment encourages the audience to be active: to visit museum’s internet-site, online gallery and finally to buy a ticket. Despite the evolution of information technologies people keep the interest in original art. Visiting museums became available and even fun.

At the modern art exibition, Moscow, Russia

It is not sufficient today for modern art only to create new unique content. For consumer and audience in the consumerism and visual oversaturated era the story of creating art, personal road to becoming an author come to the fore.

Ability to storytelling in any art form, adaptive thinking as a key to functioning in constantly changing environment and readiness for studying on the daily basis become main skills for content creators. That is why the modern museum represents such kind of medium which has to evolve, to change all the time to be able to satisfy new requests of audience in the art sphere.

In the 21st century to visit an exhibition means not only to look at the art pieces but also to document and to reproduce them. A wish to sense the museum space through the selfies and to feel yourself as a part of exposition is probably what modern art turns into.

At the street art exibition, Moscow, Russia
At the photo exibition, Moscow, Russia
At the photo exibition, Moscow, Russia
At the modern art exibition, Moscow, Russia
At the photo exibition, Moscow, Russia
At the modern art exibition, Moscow, Russia
At the modern art exibition, Moscow, Russia
At the modern art festival, Moscow, Russia
At the modern art exibition, Moscow, Russia
At the modern art exibition, Moscow, Russia

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Elena Beregatnova

Elena Beregatnova (1982) is a Russian-born documentary and art photographer based in Moscow. She graduated from Rodchenko Art School and Fotografika Academy and has been photographing for over 10 years. Her works have been exhibited and published internationally. Photography for Elena is the way to explore the world, watching for social life, searching for something unusual in the ordinary reality. Today the focus of Elena's photographic interests is located in the sphere of future manifestation in the present life, modern art and its influence on the society, consumerism tendencies, youth culture and its transformation, urbanism and the state of human loneliness in the big city.

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