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Tehran, Iran – spring and summer 2015

Tehran-Darband, photo essay by Farzin Foroutan

Each of us has a vision of the city or area where we live in.
The “Tehran, Darband” series is, however, only a name to me; a word which is consumed and heard. It’s a picture of everyday engagement, of a place which no longer exists; like all other places where the presence of human does not signify prosperity, but anonymity; the more anonymous than all human beings.

(by Farzin Foroutan)

Q&A with Farzin Forouatn

Photography is…
Photography is an enrollment process as a representation of consequences.
To me, it makes a particular situation which is related to my life experiences that it creates a possibility to share my vision with others.

Photography and writing…
In my opinion, photography and writing are inseparable and, personally I assert that writing plays an important role to clarify my visual ideas in order to shape and inform the images that I all make.
Writing should translate my thoughts into words, and make an entry valve that spectators could see my artworks from there, but it shouldn’t close the other interpretations from them.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I could not explicitly answer who left the biggest impression on me because in these days we are faced in different media. The media that show us a large variety of Pictures that, intentionally or incidentally are recorded in our visual memory and influence it. However, the photographers in the fields of staged photography have the significant impressions on me. But an Iranian based artist who name is Gohar Dashti has the most important effects on my photographs. Since my works of art mainly constitute my personal experiences of life and living. I have always been concerned with social issues by particular references to history and culture in modern society. People and their concerns have a major role in my works, and the 2D images help to freeze the people in a moment and situation that I want. Therefore the staged photography is the best way for me to explain my ideas.

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Farzin Foroutan

Farzin Foroutan (born 1992 in Mashhad, Iran) is a photographer and visual artist. His works are concerned with social concerns, individuals, and the basic… More »

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