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From diary to fiction


Workshop: From diary to fiction
Location: Pigneto District-Rome, via avellino 7, 00177 Rome, Italy
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Workshop Calendar: From 4 to 11 November 2016

A photography workshop with Arja Hyytiäinen

LUCE continues its training proposal with a new and interesting workshop: “From diary to fiction” held by photographer Arja Hyytiäinen.
The course will take place from 4 to ‘November 11 2016 in Rome at the headquarters of LUCE, in the historic district of Pigneto. 7 intensive days, during which participants will be encouraged to develop their own vision and to translate it into a personal photographic writing. The first 2 days will be devoted to the analysis of individual portfolio. For this, it is necessary a paper portfolio to be submitted to the author. At the end of this preliminary phase, based on the analysis and the suggestions made by Arja Hyytiäinen, participants will devote to the production of images.
The last day will be dedicated to editing and staging of the final exhibition.

Submitted by LUCE collective

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