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Photo Exhibition

Shootme Art at IAFwarsaw 2016

Lukasz Zietek, Korektura, Shoes 2012
Lukasz Zietek, Korektura, Shoes 2012

Photo exhibition: Shootme Art at IAFwarsaw 2016
Venue details: PGE Stadium Warsaw, Coast Szczecińskie street, gate 6, Poland, www.shootmeart.pl
Event date: from 07-04-2016 to 10-04-2016
Opening hours: Thursday 7 April 13:30 – 20:00
Friday 8 April 10:00 – 20:00
Saturday 9 April 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday 10 April 10:00 – 17:00

Karol Grygoruk, Untitled, London 2015
[T]he Shootme Art is pleased to announce its participation in IAFwarsaw 2016. We will present selected projects of four photographers – Pawel Fabjanski, Karol Grygoruk, Jacek Kołodziejski and Lukasz Ziętek – members of commercial photography agency Shootme and it’s artistic branch Shootme Art.

Shootme Art will be showing a carefully curated booth that showcases the diversity of its esthetically and conceptually contrasting artists, working simultaneously on commercial and individual, artistic projects. By grouping these photographers together, the platform does not wish to assimilate their varied concerns and practices into a single narrative, but instead wishes to make evident the interesting dialogue that can be achieved when seemingly disparate works are brought together.

Jacek Kolodziejski, Cameleons 2015
Jacek Kolodziejski, Cameleons 2015

Four different visions are bound with the same questions: How innovation and freedom of expression of artistic thought is constrained by the demands of the commercial reality? Can the artist integrate his individual strategies of intellectual and creative activities into the commercial work? Is the image created at the request may be the same as the one that is the result of a strategy known in the art world? Doesn’t the artist deny himself acting in two worlds: commercial and art?

By asking questions about commercial and artistic photography Shootme Art would like to open a dialog, define and express a noticeable distinction between photography in art and advertising. Review and explore the separation of these two worlds, which often depend on each other, but at the same time exist as a separate, independent entities.
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