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Your Author Page

The Author Page is where you can show off / promote your work and share information about yourself. On this page you can include a photo of yourself, a bio and… your contents.

Setting up Your Author Page

Your Headshot
First things first—like with any profile—the thing that viewers notice first is your profile picture or headshot.
When considering your headshot, you want to keep it classy but not boring.
And with all headshots, you want it to look professional. A clean, high-quality photo is what you want. No one wants a grainy pixelated photo to represent their brand!

Your Bio
This will be the next most important thing a viewer will see. An author’s bio is the foundation to get their work out there. It’s as much for you as it is for your readers.

Your contents
Then there’s your content that shows what you can do.

Do you want to be known for your unique work? Crafting a good Author Page is one of the essential steps!

Go here to edit/change your profile picture, biography, and social media.

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