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Author Account Activity Policy

The Account Activity Policy describes when PRIVATE Photo Review may close your account due to Account Inactivity.

Account Activity is defined by the following statutes: ZeroPostActiveInactive.

  • ZeroPost account – An account that the author has never used to submit his content (Photography, News, Writing).
  • Active account – An account that has been used at least once time in the last 3 months to submit new content (Photography, Writing, News).
  • Inactive account – An account that was not used to submit new content for at least 3 months.

ZeroPost policy

  • The ZeroPost statute is automatically assigned to new accounts. 
  • After registering your account, to make it active you must send your first contribution within 15 days from the date of registration of your account.
  • After 15 days from the date of account registration, if you have not sent any contribution, your account will be definitively deleted.

Active Author Account policy

The Author Account has Active status if the user has performed at least one of the following actions:

Inactive Author Account policy

How does PRIVATE Photo Review determine inactivity?

  • We consider an Author Account Inactive when the user has not submit any new content in the last 3 months

Whether an account is Inactive may be permanently delete due to prolonged inactivity.

→ Please find here our full External Contributors / Author Policy.

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