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Serge Van Cauwenbergh

Serge Van Cauwenbergh (www.sergevancauwenbergh.com) based in Belgium, documentary and humanitarian photographer covering social issues, creating photo essays for ngo’s, non-profit and humanitarian aid organizations.

“I’m interested in the human life in general: how are people dealing with the circumstances they have to live in; how are they handling new opportunities or changes in today’s society; how are they coping with the consequences of a disaster, depression, decease or dementia. I’m focused on elements in their life that are perishable, details that are often overlooked and will otherwise be forgotten in time. My goal is to communicate these stories in a rather accessible and engaging way so the audience will be able to identify themselves with these people.
My passion for images and storytelling has its origins at a very young age. As a child I observed the world, I was extremely curious about events occurring in my environment. Everywhere around me stories were appearing. I wasn’t always aware how to capture these aspects of life in a satisfying way. Although photography appealed strongly to me, the movie industry made a more profound impression on me as a teenager. Years later I realized that photography was the appropriate medium to express my vision and to create the stories I wanted to tell.”

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