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I think there’s a beautiful sadness resting on the faces of people travelling on the underground. A sense of melancholia that I try to capture.

Photo exhibition

Alexander Gronsky exhibition

Siege of Leningrad, 2013 From the series: Reconstruction. © Alexander Gronsky. Photo exhibition: Alexander Gronsky Venue details: The Wapping Project Bankside, 37 Dover Street, Ely House, W1S 4NJ London | Official Website www.thewappingprojectbankside.com | Event date > from 14-04-2015 to 29-05-2015 | Opening hours: Monday - Friday - 10.30am - 6pm, Saturday -...

Photo exhibition

Unsettled (2007 – 2012)

Photofusion is pleased to present the first UK show of photographer Isabelle Pateer. The exhibition will show her most recent documentary project “Unsettled”, which Isabelle has been working on since 2007

PhotoEssays Online

Alvin Foo | The Occupied Space

A phenomenon unique in this part of the world, I am often intrigued by how the squatters were portrayed on the mainstream media. Coming from a place where squatting is an almost non existent term, this body of work offers a fresh perspective on a squatting community.