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Life at the margin, interview with Stephen Shore

© Stephen Shore, St. Sabas Monastery, Judean Desert , 2009 Life at the margin For the international photography project This Place, the well known French photographer Frédéric Brenner invited 10 colleagues to work in Israel and the West Bank in outstanding residencies. One amongst this group was the internationally acclaimed...

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The Story From Within, interview with Lina Pallotta

A picture from Lina Pallotta's project Porpora and Valerie. Long-term photographic narrative author and visual reportage educator, Lina Pallotta does not fear innovation. We met her for a conversation about story-telling, visual education and nowadays' expressive chanllenges for the photographic world. Interview with Lina Pallotta Sabrina Merolla: What is photography...

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Interview with Ian Teh, Dark Clouds

I was very struck by the fact that in same pictures people look like very small, almost miniatures, surrounded by the contest, the outside. Is this element functional to your purpose? I wanted to show that the people I pictured were overwhelmed by their environment. I see the workers in...

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Luigi Fiano | Maramures

On a bus along the Vişeu Valley, 2007. hen I first started to work as freelance photographer in 2007, I went to Romania because I wanted to show the social changing of this country after its entrance in the EU. Arrived in Bucarest, I suddenly realized that this transformation was...

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