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Anna Mola

Anna Mola (www.annamola.wordpress.com/), independent critic and curator.
Photo Essays

Interview with Ian Teh, Dark Clouds

I was very struck by the fact that in same pictures people look like very small, almost miniatures, surrounded by…

Photo Essays

Federica Di Giovanni | Camping Italia

Camping Italy is sea smell mixed with Autan, fried or grilled onions, and pinewood. Perhaps, it’s mixed with water and…

Ecological question

Alessandro Grassani | Environmental migrants: the last illusion

2008 became the point of no return: for the first time in history there are more people living in cities…

Photo Essays

Giulio Paletta | Mental disease in paradise

Mental disease in Bali is not an easy thing. The secluded and traditional Balinese community doesn't accept the existance of…

Ecological question

Valentino Bellini | Akwatia: bodies at work

Ghana is a country rich in natural resources, especially of gold, which is extracted with bare hands by a lowcost…

Ecological question

Luca Catalano Gonzaga | Child Survival in a Changing Climate

Child Survival in a Changing Climate by Luca Catalano   Kenia Bangladesh, Chalna, September 2010. Two women near their huts…

Photo Essays

Lawrence Sumulong | In Answer

At the heart of this series, I am re-envisioning the changes in my family’s life following my father’s death, the…

Photo Essays

Luigi Fiano | Maramures

[W]hen I first started to work as freelance photographer in 2007, I went to Romania because I wanted to show…

Photo Essays

Kakha Kakhiani | On the way to God

[T]his is my first project and it’s entitled On the way to God: it was a short story about specific…

Photo Essays

Giada Archidi | Eastern market

Eastern market. Every week-end in Milan at the parking lot close to the Cascina Gobba metro station, there’s a changing…

Photo Essays

Alessio Guarino | AzumaCenterFukushima

AzumaCenterFukushima, 2011. We arrived to Fukushima at 9.47. A colleague from Ryo Abe was waiting for us and came with…

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