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Sebastien Tixier | Allanngorpoq

Uummannaq, West Greenland – April 2013 Just like this worker moving boxes with a sledge in front of boats stuck in the sea-ice, Greenland today combines tradition and modernity. In early 2013, I went into a one-month stay in Greenland, sharing life with some of its inhabitants, up to the...

Nick Cobbing (the Noorderlicht journey)
PRIVATE Photographers

Nick Cobbing | The Noorderlicht journey

PRIVATE 45, Nick Cobbing (the Noorderlicht journey) Nick Cobbing, The Noorderlicht journey, from PRIVATE 45 – Development. An Ecological Question The arctic mechanism is out of balance — it is melting more than it is freezing. I was privileged to get a glimpse inside the ice machine, to hear the collected snowfall...