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Virginie Terrasse | Masakut. The Present in Kalaalisut

This photo documentary is trying to portray a land in full transformation through the everyday life of Greenland’s teenagers.


Uummannaq, West Greenland – April 2013  Just like this worker moving boxes with a sledge in front of boats stuck in the sea-ice, Greenland today combines tradition and modernity.

Sebastien Tixier | Allanngorpoq

In early 2013, I went into a one-month stay in Greenland, sharing life with some of its inhabitants, up to the northernmost settlements. A trip from 67° to 77° parallel on the way up to Qaanaaq, with the aim to highlight the current mutations. From the very first place, the country undergoes the effects of […]


PRIVATE 48, p. 32-33 (32-35)

Piergiorgio Casotti | Arctic Spleen

East Greenland has the highest suicide rate among young people. The increase in suicides could be explained the destruction of their traditional ways of life.


Nick Cobbing (the Noorderlicht journey)

Nick Cobbing | The Noorderlicht journey

Nick Cobbing, The Noorderlicht journey, from PRIVATE 45 – Development. An Ecological Question The arctic mechanism is out of balance — it is melting more than it is freezing. I was privileged to get a glimpse inside the ice machine, to hear the collected snowfall creak under my feet and watch the melt-water gurgle down deep holes […]


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