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Marianna Ciuffreda | Women are the backbone of Africa

On paves, tortuos and uphill roads, or unpaved and dusty ones, under scorching sun, with mud under their feet, I met young and old women.


Francesco Zizola (When hunger is green)

Francesco Zizola | When hunger is green

Francesco Zizola, When hunger is green, from PRIVATE 45 – Development. An Ecological Question Amidst the lush dark green maize and banana leaves of Southern Ethiopia, children are dying of hunger. The hunger crisis leaves an estimated 4.6 million people in need of food, 75,000 of which are children with severe malnutrition. The heavy rain came in […]

PRIVATE 36, p. 30-31 (30-35), Chris Kirchhoff | Circles of faith

Chris Kirchhoff | Circles of faith

I have a fascination for exploration and discovery and have traveled widely from Antarctica to Mongolia and across Africa. My photography


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