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Photo exhibition

Ren Hang

In China, Ren Hang’s exhibits have been closed or censored in many occasions and he has been arrested in China for the supposed obscenity of his artwork.

Photo exhibition

The Dwarf Empire

In southern China, near Kunming -the city of eternal spring- exists a theme park that is home to 77 little people. The young belgian photographer Sanne de Wilde shows us their incredible world.

WANG BING – Father & Sons

Wang Bing shows us a world and a humanity in ruins, the other side to the coin of China’s triumphal march towards material prosperity: “We must show the problems of contemporary China,” he says, “the hypocrisy of this system where economic growth obscures a material and spiritual impoverishment that affects millions of people.”

PhotoEssays Online

Melanie Dornier | On the river

On The River is a photo essay that documents maritime supply of raw material in China. A type of transport used for centuries and that is helping, now, to respond to important needs of supply due to fast growth.

Photo book

Blue Mud Swamp

The book "Blue Mud Swamp" is a series made in Dalian, China. The shoreline, hot and humid, is a postcard that attracts and invites Men to settle where the land meets the Yellow Sea. However, the reality is dissonant.

PhotoEssays Online

Nikola Mihov | Under Destruction

In November 1979, the southern Chinese county Bao’an with a population of about 50 000 people was renamed to Shenzhen. One year later Deng Xiaoping declared the newly-formed city to be the country’s first special economic zone.

Photo exhibition

A Vision With Two Eyes

This exhibition allows this friendship to have walls for expression and hopefully it is the beginning of many different projects in China involving many different artists from very different background for many very different places.

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