135, 125iso, 23×36, M6, 35. supports et formats variables

En prélude à l’exposition SoixanteDixSept Experiment, Aurélie Pétrel transforme la salle d’exposition du Centre Photographique en un immense laboratoire de prise de vues

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Gregor Samsa Must Die

Gregor Samsa's will rise from the grave. The Second Coming shall be their revenge on humanity.

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Delhi: The Toxic City

This photo essay captures Delhi’s deadly shades of grey as the city stepped into 2017 choked with smog.

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Separating relations, uniting humanity

Gangasagar is infamously known for it’s stampede due to overcrowding during ‘Makar Sankranti’ days. It is regarded as the second most largest fair in India.

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All Over, The Plaza’s time’s up

On that night, everything hugely transformed. The rain came, people rushed away, surroundings unseen, and things was left behind. Euphoria was gone in a sudden.

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Georgian Stranger

Although this work constitutes just a small part of my ideas and projects, it is nonetheless representative of my on going focus and strategy in dealing with the world.

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Pszemek Dzienis, PUREVIEW

PUREVIEW - A view on classic snowy landscape through minimalism and abstract-painting elements.

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The Last Chinatown

It's an ancient history of 275 years of Chinese people in my city. I tried to see and show their present situation, their lifestyle.

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Fragmented Memories & Dispersed Desires

This series is an attempt to unearth the multi-faceted, layered, and submerged signifiers associated with the perceptivity of my unconscious amidst varied contexts.

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Another Sombre Christmas

Another Sombre Christmas is one of my personal narratives adopting a poetic and non-linear style of storytelling through photographs alone.

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Minors of Human – A photography exhibition by Anik Rahman

Experience the journey of Anik Rahman, as he walks through life and immerses himself into humanitarian stories both inside and outside the borders of Bangladesh through h

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On the banks of Karnaphuli

A glimpse in the daily life of the people living along one of the most important river of Bangladesh

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Abakase Dekha

This story comes from the chaos of the faraway city.

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Metal on the Side of the Road

I inspected the debris and marveled at the miscellaneous truck beds, car parts, old tools and other items that had been discarded.

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