VI.d Ein Meter Seil brennt drei Stunden (rapido precipitando)

Partivano tutti portandosi dentro i pensieri del mondo, tenevano il conto dei passi tra i denti battendoli in terra. Che colpi ogni metro, che urli e comandi: «serrate le righe!»…

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Vertebrae: a book of abandoned buildings and bodies

Alongside the images, the reader will find the fine narrative thread of texts in prose or poems, many of which have already appeared in international magazines and journals.

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The Place

The place we’ve never visited / in the time we’ll never spend / the aim of the tools at hand / the next step beyond reach.

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Treading on limestone and slime, / tangles of seaweeds, up hill from / black sand-banks and pebbles, with / the pace of hunter on the bear path…

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