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Ellen Jantzen

Artist creating photo montages.

“Life Out of Balance”, a perfect description of our current state of affairs

The Hopi word for “life out of balance” is Koyaanisqatsi. This was a film directed by Godfrey Reggio and released…


The Shape of Memory

Father's Tools as NM Monuments. After my father's passing I photographed all of his tools and blended them in Photoshop…


Denver Celebrates Month of Photography

I am so pleased to hear today that my photo, “Breakwater” is to be exhibited at the Night Lights Denver…

One Photo Story

Belonging to a Former Time

30/09/2022 Santa Fe United States This is from my Mid+West series. This photo is a photomontage of Northern New Mexico…

One Photo Story

Alone, Searching for Meaning

Here is a new addition to my Mid+West series with a nod to our current situation of staying at home.


Mid + West (A visual essay on adaptation and acceptance in relocation/immigration and migration)

A visual essay on adaptation and acceptance in relocation/immigration and migration. Here I am blending two disparate landscapes where I…


Unexpected Geology; Ancient Voices

In this series I am exploring the realm of one’s environmental surroundings, how that is absorbed into one’s psyche and…

International Photography Awards

Ellen Jantzen Wins IPA’s Special Photographer of the Year Award

A new environment can bring both delight and a fear of the unknown. How does one grow into feeling at…

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