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Elena Balievych

My name is Yelena. I am a wife, mother of a daughter and a son, I am a psychologist and stylist. I am fond of art, the history of fashion photo, fashion. Enjoy the work of Man Ray, Stiglitz. I study contemporary art and styling. I like to take pictures very much.
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Uncertainty, illusiveness, vagueness

…uncertainty, illusiveness, vagueness – awareness of the lack of information…the most intuitively familiar category that surrounds a person throughout his…

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Life without color

12/06/2022 Odessa Ukraine In painting, paintings made in black and white are rare… in these works attention is paid to…

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love is to lose a part of Yourself or to find …

17/11/2021 Odessa Ukraine Love is to lose a part of Yourself or to find?This question will forever remain rhetorical…Each has…

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High-heeled shoes, object of the provocation

A high heel is a provocation, and provocation is a dual concept and does not exist on its own. It…


Life is like a kaleidoscope

The picture changes depending on how we rotate the kaleidoscope. And the previous, completed picture will never be returned, just…

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A single bunch of grapes, held on a pole

"... a single bunch of grapes ... held on a pole."

Ecological question

Kuyalnik, a frozen pier

The area is called Kuyalnik because of the estuary.

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Prosaic beauty

Every moment of life is extraordinary, it is unique and unique. The beauty of reality surrounds us, It just needs…

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The world is waiting… the game continues

The world with bated breath awaits the next move of the "Lord of Fates." What will the world be like…

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