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Aditya Dwi Putra
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I have perspective that material/synthetics achievement is kind of temporal achievement. Generally, my craft has an objective to capture an emotions in its raw and holistic form and try to deliver it as pure as possible. My objective is to attain more awareness about the aspect of 'feelings'. Enhancing people to 'feels' more rather than to 'thinks' more, that i hope, can create more empathy amongst people. Besides, I also create a craft to create an artifact that can immortalize my personal introspective state at the time. My craft spread in visual media such as photography, videography, and other visual media.

I Dreamed I Dream [A Fragment of Noir Narration]

As a well-known understanding, certain emotions can only be experienced by getting through certain kind of events, and even the tiniest difference in each event can lead the shifting of the feelings that we had. Not to mention, how each person perceived the world also surely have major significant to shift how human feels.