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Life and livelihood

Since the dawn of human civilization, the axe has descended upon nature for no reason. Kathurias, whose livelihood is earned by cutting trees and selling them, are still in this age of extreme technological advancement, risking impossible tasks using old-fashioned machineries with extreme skill. Therefore, we still use wood, however little it may be, for our various needs. With these picture series of mine, I want to show how a man earns a living by cutting trees at the risk of his life.

A wood cutter ride on the top of a tree near the electric wires to cut it down. It’s really a very risky job. Excecuted on 29.05.2015. It’ a dry tree need to cut it down to save the people near by.
The wood cutter used his cutlass to cut the tree.
It’s very life risky job executed by the wood cutter on the top of the tree.
The wood cutter was busy on the execution of the job.
This was almost the last stage on the execution of the job.
And ultimately the wood cutter was successfully executed his job.
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Partha Kar

I have been fascinated by photography since my childhood. After completing diploma in photography, I started freelancing in Kolkata,based Bengali magazines and English dailies… More »

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