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Laos Waters | Reportage and Documentary photography on the travel


Reportage and Documentary photography on the travel from 2to15 September 2023.

LAOS WATERS is a Training on Travel. It means working in the field in an immersive, sometimes tiring way, getting your hands and feet dirty, and letting your head stay active even at night. It is designed and built for those photographers or reporters who wish to enhance their experience, training and expertise in documentary photography, reportage, photojournalism, and storytelling.

Each participant will be assigned a topic to develop: an actual assignment to take home without excuses. He will thus come into direct contact with local communities and experience first-hand the situations that he will then go on to document.

There will be no working hours: you will work during the day, at night, when needed.
Daily, individual sessions will alternate with discussion sessions: the material produced will be examined together to understand its critical points and, from time to time, identify what steps may be necessary to develop one’s storytelling method.
The permanent guidance of Gabriele Orlini will ensure the right direction in the development of the projects and will be continuous support for each participant during the fieldwork.

An opportunity to put yourself to the test, as a photographer or photojournalist, with all the difficulties and necessities that a job requires: from on-the-spot contacts to travelling to solving unforeseen problems to producing material with often very tight deadlines. This a real opportunity to experience this ‘life‘ with the security of having at one’s disposal a photojournalist who has not only experienced these situations but can also master them and provide valuable tips for dealing with them even when out in the field alone.

Laos Waters – Reportage Training on Travel, ©Gabriele Orlini


LAOS WATERS is an immersive Training based on learning by doing for a team of up to 4 people. It is designed for those photographers and reporters who wish to enhance their experience, training and expertise in documentary photography, reportage, photojournalism and storytelling. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to experience working in the field, with all the difficulties and necessities that an assignment requires: from pre-departure preparation to managing on-site contacts, from resolving unforeseen issues to producing the final material.

© Gabriele Orlini

LAOS WATERS is NOT for those seeking an all-inclusive photography trip or a relaxing workshop. Qui ognuno è responsabile di se stesso e il lavoro sarà molto: Gabriele Orlini pretende il massimo da ogni partecipante – e dà il duecento per cento come mentore – e ci piace per questo.

The ideal attendee is that person – photographer, videomaker, writer, reporter – who does not stop at the surface of things but puts himself out there to touch and understand the facts and stories he will tell with his head. We like to work with excellent and determined people.

Info e application: https://doogreporter.com/en/academy/laos-waters/

© Gabriele Orlini
© Gabriele Orlini
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